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DIG 2018 Trade Show Educational Seminars

The DIG Annual Trade Show is not just the best time to meet with vendors and service providers to help you complete your next real estate investment project - it's also the best time to increase your real estate know-how with our educational seminars. Join these professionals as they teach you how to become a better real estate investor.

The 4 Best Ways to Buy Real Estate Using Other People’s Money

trade show - larry steinhouse 1

Session Time: 4:00 PM

Session Description: Larry will be sharing with you how he buys properties without using ANY of his own money! One of Larry’s favorite ways to buy properties is “subject to.” He has used this method to buy numerous properties and will share with you how you can do it too. His second favorite, “seller financing,” will allow you to buy properties without using a bank. He will help you learn the nuances to navigate through these methods and 2 others, so you can successfully buy properties without any money.

If you are new in real estate investing, or even if you have lots of experience,  we guarantee you will learn something and you will be entertained by Larry’s presentation!

Key Takeaways:

  • How to buy without using the bank
  • How to get the Seller to hold the mortgage
  • Learn 2 other ways to purchase a house without cleaning out YOUR savings

Speaker: Larry Steinhouse

Known to the world as “The Crazy Real Estate Investor,” Larry Steinhouse has a passion for investing in good, profitable properties. He first learned about real estate while working as a technician when he was just 18 years old. A friend and colleague was telling him about properties he was buying near the beach. He went on to tell Larry about the wealth-building ideas and the cash flow he was producing. Larry asked many questions and then went on to buy his first property just a few months later.

Larry Specializes in buying properties with little or none of his own money.  His favorite method is buying a house “subject to” the original mortgage.  A close second is seller financing and then comes private lenders. Larry has bought houses using credit cards as well. As a long-term investor in this business, Larry knows his stuff!

Marketing for Deals

trade show - ian walsh 2

Session Time: 5:00 PM

Session Description: The bloodline for any business is marketing.  If you don't know how to market, your business will die.  Learn the secrets to marketing for deals as a real estate investor so you can be successful as well.  If you want to know what the biggest players in your market are doing to make 7 figures, then you can't miss this presentation on how to do what they do.  Learn the who, what, where, when and why about your marketing plan.

Key Takeaways:

  • Who are the big players marketing to
  • What kind of marketing are they using
  • What separates a 7-figure marketer from a struggling investor
  • The best form of marketing there is

Speaker: Ian Walsh

Ian Walsh started in the real estate business over a decade ago.  He built the largest wholesaling company in Philadelphia at the time.  He then began Atlas Property Management which he sold to TCS Management.  He is currently an active partner in Hard Money Bankers, TCS Management and TCS Investments.  He has been a part of over 1000 transactions to date and Hard Money Bankers deploys roughly 40M per year currently. Ian and HMB are also DIG vendors.

5 Keys to Managing Multiple Rehabs without Losing your Mind

trade show - andresa guidelli 3

Session Time: 6:00 PM

Session Description: Many investors wear different hats and often get overwhelmed by the journey of rehabbing multiple properties simultaneously. It’s physically impossible to be at multiple places at the same time; however, many of us try to make it work and get burned!

The question many ask is...How can you live an extraordinary life, spend time with your family and grow your business without going nuts?

Andresa will share her successful recipe on how to create an organized process where you can manage multiple rehab projects.

Key Notes:

  • Analyze a property as an appraisal
  • Secrets to hiring a GC
  • Systems
  • Team members
  • Funding

Speaker: Andressa Guidelli

Andresa Guidelli made the bold move to the United States to start a master’s degree in professional business communication at La Salle University. After finishing her master's degree, she worked as a "door to door" salesperson where she learned the importance of providing custom solutions for clients.

She is the co-founder of Corsa Home Solutions and specializes in full gut renovation projects and building new construction in Philadelphia, PA. Andresa runs the day to day operations of her own construction projects (as well as other investors’ construction projects) and creates systems to ensure scalability, efficiency, and quality. She also owns a small rental portfolio in Philadelphia. Andresa is a licensed real estate agent and is part of the National Association of Woman in Business and Philadelphia Real Estate Association.

She is also the co-founder of The Real Estate InvestHER show, a podcast to empower women to live a financially free and balanced life. Each episode details the journey of the most successful women investors who will share what it takes to become the best version of themselves. This powerhouse podcast shares actionable strategies for developing a more successful real estate business while becoming more fulfilled as a woman.

Speaker Contact Info:
Andresa Guidelli
973.849.8702 /
Instagram @therealestateinvesther