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real estate financing

Financing: HELOCs vs. HELs and How to Leverage Your Assets

As we’ve written before, there are many different ways to secure real estate financing. You can work with a bank, network with other investors and investment clubs, seek out hard money lenders or work out an owner financing arrangement. Yet there’s one more way to finance your real estate deals. You might be sitting in…

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Finding Outside Real Estate Investors

Imagine you found yourself living 150 years ago. Seeking new opportunities, you take your family and head west. You find a patch of land on the prairie and decide to build a house. By yourself. No construction crews, no plumbers (no plumbing, for that matter), no inspectors, no Realtors, just you, your hands, your tools and…

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How to Buy an Investment Property with No Money Down

It’s a rule of real estate financing so old and revered that it might as well be carved into the side of a mountain: If you want to buy a house, you need to put down 20 percent of the purchase price. But while that number is considered ideal for a getting a loan, there…

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