DIG Main Meeting June 20th Review


Hello DIG fam,
Packed house last night, which should come as no surprise despite it being summer as Ashley Wilson was our speaker. In fact, here's my review: Ashley Wilson spoke. Nuff said.

OK, I can't leave it like that. It was just too good. Before I get into Ashley's awesomeness, shout out to some friendly faces that graced us with their presence last night--Anil was back again, now with a new HVAC company. As you can imagine, his company is slammed right now with work. Travis Edelman, long time A/L contributor, finally poked his head out of the bushes and showed his face at a main meeting again. And newbie Tyler Fox, a contractor I know from the gym (if you met him last night, you know why I know him from the gym, he could probably bench press Anil, Travis and me all at once) who was looking to learn about tax liens and pre-foreclosures---Marc Sherby, where were you??

Up on stage I gave shout outs to Raymond Lemire and Todd Hessbacher who weren't even there! C'mon guys, what's the problem? Were you in the hospital or something?

We all got to drink from the firehouse that was Ashley's presentation. A few highlights:
1. Much like driving for dollars with single family properties, you can do the same for apartment complexes! They don't need to look in distress, though, as you would be looking for with singles. You just need to train your eyes to start noticing them, then reach out to them.
2. Get the money first. This was an eye opener for me and I imagine many of you. I've heard and repeated "Get the deal and the money will follow." In the case of bigger deals, you need to get financing rolling before you find the deal so you're ready pounce when it arrives.
3. The 44% rule--only 44% of people follow up. We've all heard the money is in the follow up, but 56% of people don't do it. I was surprised to hear 44% of people actually do it. Note--while that slide was still up, I reached out to a broker on a deal I didn't get to see where it was at. Maybe something will come of it. At worst, at least he's thinking of me.

As one would expect, there was loads more information shared. Great seeing everyone last night and looking forward to next month's panel of wholesalers. One final shout out to Frank? Frankie? Another new member and wholesale expert who won a prize at his first meeting. Apologies, my name game is poor, despite my attempts to work on it.

Have a good one,

Matt Wahl
Wahl Properties

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