March 2024 meeting -- Lender Panel


 Another great meeting last night.  We had a fairly packed house to see Anil moderate a panel consisting of private-ish/hard-ish lenders Mike Yalowitz and Karen Fischer, whom I've used numerous times to fund my deals,
Bill Rookstool, everyone's favorite lender and market forecaster, and Bill Shipp, who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time yesterday and is yet another wealth of knowledge.

I've already received feedback from a number of members who were very pleased with the information they picked up during the presentation (shout out Jack Kelly and Jim Welsh).  For me personally, I missed most of the presentation as I kept getting caught up in conversations in the vestibule and bar area.  On the bright side, it was networking at its best, so I can't complain too much.  I got to meet some new members, including Jonathan Potter, a long time investor who I believe just came back to DIG, Tom Ammas, and I finally got to put a name to face in George Voutsinos, among many others.  I also heard a VERY endearing story about Don Rotanz helping out fellow member Diana Wong get 7 units under contract.  Congrats, Diana and a big shout out to Don! 
To my mild dismay, I watched no basketball, but I'll take the networking over that anyday.  And there's still a full 3 days of games left!  My condolences to anyone who had Kentucky in their final four (my wife)!
On a somewhat comical point and laugh at me note, I learned last night that Karen Fischer's first name is actually pronounced CAR-in.  Shame on me as I've only relied on her and Mike to fund more of my deals than anyone else.  Oops, sorry, Karen!
Thank you, Anil for moderating and the rest of the speaker committee for putting the panel together.
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting.

-Matt Wahl
DIG President 2024

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