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Advanced Education

DIG experts teach a variety of advanced one-day courses, including the following tracks:

What's the Best Way to Hold Real Estate Assets?

Learn about:

  • LLCs
  • Corporations
  • Trusts
  • Limited Partnerships
  • General Partnerships


Everything you want to know about Foreclosures at
Auctions – Sheriff / Tax Sales

Learn about:

  • 3 Stages of foreclosure, short sale & REOs
  • Buy at sheriff, tax, tax lien, and 3rd party auction sales
  • Need to know lien and mortgage priorities
  • Navigating court house & searches
  • Winning the bid without losing your shirt
  • Dealing with former owners
  • Finding the properties
  • Talking the auction


Rehab Tour
  • Visit homes to discover:
    • Asking price for the property
    • Sales prices for the area
    • Rehab costs
    • Holding costs
    • Net projected profit for the property
  • Inspectors and rehab specialists will be available to answer your questions
  • Tour starting location will be determined by towns where houses will be shown.
  • Notifications are sent one week before the tour.


Landlording on Cruise Control

Learn about:

  • Phone screening techniques
  • What to observe at showings
  • Rental standards for tenant selection
  • Fair housing guidelines
  • Showing the unit & tricks professional tenants use
  • “Must have” information on a rental application
  • Ways to collect rents
  • Procedures to accept or reject an applicant
  • Review state-approved, landlord-friendly plain language lease


Know IRS Tax Rules

Learn about:

  • Tax concerns for investors
  • How entities are taxed
  • Tax rates for ordinary income, capital gains, and depreciation recapture
  • What is deductible on settlement sheet
  • PA real estate transfer tax
  • Repair rules and depreciation


Buying Real Estate in Your IRA/401K

Learn about:

  • Collect rents tax free in your IRA
  • Find banks that lend to IRA/401K
  • Develop private lenders
  • Minimize taxes and increasing net worth
  • Unlock your IRA to invest in almost anything you want