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Posts by DIG Online

How to Avoid a Low Home Appraisal

by Jay MacDonald   Thinking of buying or selling a home? Even when both sides agree on a price, the deal could fall apart thanks to an under-appraisal. Here’s the increasingly common scenario: The seller lists the house for $325,000, the buyer offers $275,000 and they settle on a $300,000 sales price. A week before…

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InvestHER’s Andresa Guidelli on Managing Rehab Projects

After completing her second master’s – the first an MBA, the second a degree in professional business communications – Andresa Guidelli decided to go into sales. She took a job with Verizon, doing business-to-business sales door-to-door for Verizon. It wasn’t so much that she wanted to go into sales. Guidelli knew that she needed to.

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Funding Real Estate Deals

By Raymond K Lemire You’ve made the decision to invest in Real Estate and are going through the process of building your team. However, one thing keeps jumping out at you – your bank account doesn’t have enough cash to fund the $125,000 you estimate you need to buy, rehab and hold an investment property…

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Understanding Hard Money/Private Money

by Ian Walsh Hard money and private money are very misunderstood by many investors.  Many people would like to learn how to buy their next flip, cash out of a current project or take out a bridge loan to help leverage their business. True hard money and private money are very similar.  It really depends…

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An Intro to Wholesaling by Tom Zeeb

Property and Mortgage deeds sit on top of plans

I was asked a basic, but very important question today: “Tom, I don’t understand what you mean by ‘wholesaling’. How exactly is it that you make money doing this?” An excellent question. Let me explain the basics in a nutshell. Here’s how it works: 1. I market for motivated sellers looking to sell their property.…

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