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Understanding Hard Money/Private Money

by Ian Walsh Hard money and private money are very misunderstood by many investors.  Many people would like to learn how to buy their next flip, cash out of a current project or take out a bridge loan to help leverage their business. True hard money and private money are very similar.  It really depends…

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An Intro to Wholesaling by Tom Zeeb

Property and Mortgage deeds sit on top of plans

I was asked a basic, but very important question today: “Tom, I don’t understand what you mean by ‘wholesaling’. How exactly is it that you make money doing this?” An excellent question. Let me explain the basics in a nutshell. Here’s how it works: 1. I market for motivated sellers looking to sell their property.…

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How to Invest in Turnkey Properties

It’s hard to overstate the advantages of investing in turnkey properties. For people who are too busy to take on what amounts to a second job, investing in ready-to-rent properties saves time. For people who hope to see a fast return on their investment, turnkey properties provide a quick source of cash. But neither of…

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Financing: HELOCs vs. HELs and How to Leverage Your Assets

As we’ve written before, there are many different ways to secure real estate financing. You can work with a bank, network with other investors and investment clubs, seek out hard money lenders or work out an owner financing arrangement. Yet there’s one more way to finance your real estate deals. You might be sitting in…

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How to Sell a House During the Holidays

Let’s begin by saying that we know all the arguments in the real estate investing world on why you shouldn’t sell a house during the holidays. It’s a busy time of year. You have guests coming to visit, presents to wrap, parties to attend, all of which leaves you with less time to show the…

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What Are My Options for Accepting Rent Payments?

A big part of investing in rental properties is deciding whether you want to be a landlord. And once you’ve decided to become a landlord, one of the things you’ll need to figure out is how you’ll collect rent from your tenants. Not every method of rent collection works for every landlord. Consider these factors…

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