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How Do I Start Acquiring Vacation Rental Properties?

By Andrea Felice | March 12, 2019

Going on vacation can be very relaxing. Acquiring vacation rental investments? Not so much. There’s a lot of work that goes into investing in rental properties, and vacation rentals are no exception. Here are some of the things you’ll need to do to get started.

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Interview: Paul Sloate of Green Drake Advisors on Upcoming Market Changes

By DIG Online | February 22, 2019

These are uncertain times. Markets have been volatile, with December 2018 marking Wall Street’s worst month since the Great Depression. The news tells us the economy is doing well, but home sales are down and new manufacturing orders have seen a substantial drop. So where does all of this leave the real estate investment world?…

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How to Invest in Turnkey Properties

By DIG Online | January 22, 2019

It’s hard to overstate the advantages of investing in turnkey properties. For people who are too busy to take on what amounts to a second job, investing in ready-to-rent properties saves time. For people who hope to see a fast return on their investment, turnkey properties provide a quick source of cash. But neither of…

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Financing: HELOCs vs. HELs and How to Leverage Your Assets

By DIG Online | January 9, 2019

As we’ve written before, there are many different ways to secure real estate financing. You can work with a bank, network with other investors and investment clubs, seek out hard money lenders or work out an owner financing arrangement. Yet there’s one more way to finance your real estate deals. You might be sitting in…

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How to Sell a House During the Holidays

By DIG Online | December 19, 2018

Let’s begin by saying that we know all the arguments in the real estate investing world on why you shouldn’t sell a house during the holidays. It’s a busy time of year. You have guests coming to visit, presents to wrap, parties to attend, all of which leaves you with less time to show the…

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What Are My Options for Accepting Rent Payments?

By DIG Online | December 12, 2018

A big part of investing in rental properties is deciding whether you want to be a landlord. And once you’ve decided to become a landlord, one of the things you’ll need to figure out is how you’ll collect rent from your tenants. Not every method of rent collection works for every landlord. Consider these factors…

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How to Flip a House

By DIG Online | November 28, 2018

It’s easy to see why reality shows about people who flip houses have become so popular. There’s something enticing in watching someone transform a property and rake in tens of thousands of dollars, all in the space of 45 minutes (plus commercials). But there’s a big difference between reality TV and, well, reality. Property flipping…

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Making Money in the Real Estate Off-Season

By DIG Online | November 14, 2018

When winter comes, it can seem like the world of real estate – just like the world at large – is hibernating. Construction work slows, open houses are sparsely attended and real estate agents just aren’t as busy. But if you’re searching for a new investment property, these can be some of the best months…

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How to Prepare a Rental Lease Agreement

By DIG Online | November 1, 2018

You’ve bought your first rental property. The work is done, the contractors have been paid, and you’ve got prospective renters lined up to see their future home. Last month, we wrote about some of the steps you can take to determine which tenants are right for your property. Today we’d like to drill down a…

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Finding Outside Real Estate Investors

By DIG Online | October 17, 2018

Imagine you found yourself living 150 years ago. Seeking new opportunities, you take your family and head west. You find a patch of land on the prairie and decide to build a house. By yourself. No construction crews, no plumbers (no plumbing, for that matter), no inspectors, no Realtors, just you, your hands, your tools and…

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