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What Are Some Resources for Finding Homes at Below Market Value?

By DIG Online | October 3, 2018

In a perfect world, making money from investment properties would work something like this every time: You’d find homes at below market value and sell at a profit. In reality, finding homes at below market value is a much more complicated proposition. It’s not impossible, but it is something that requires a lot of work,…

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Should I Flip or Rent a Property?

By DIG Online | September 19, 2018
House needing renovation

It’s a beautiful home. Sure, it needs some work, but you look at it and only see the potential. Of course, you won’t be living there. You’re sizing this home up as an investment property. The only question is whether you’ll flip the home or use it as a rental property. In this blog post,…

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Finding the Right Tenant for Your Rental Properties

By DIG Online | September 5, 2018

You’ve done all the work that’s needed on the path to investing in rental properties. You’ve found your properties, secured your financing, done your rehab work. Now all that’s left is finding the right tenant. Finding the right tenant can be tough, but it’s a crucial part of determining whether your investment succeeds or fails.…

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How to Buy an Investment Property with No Money Down

By DIG Online | August 22, 2018

It’s a rule of real estate financing so old and revered that it might as well be carved into the side of a mountain: If you want to buy a house, you need to put down 20 percent of the purchase price. But while that number is considered ideal for a getting a loan, there…

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What is Property Wholesaling?

By DIG Online | August 8, 2018

In this week’s blog post, we’re going to take a look at the world of property wholesaling. Property wholesaling – otherwise known as real estate wholesaling – is what happens when a buyer makes a contract with someone selling their home, markets the property to potential buyers and then assigns one of them the contract.…

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How Do I Know My Real Estate Market is Profitable?

By Andrea Felice | July 25, 2018

Every real estate market can be profitable. But, every real estate market can also be a loser. All long term real estate investors know it is all about understanding your market and buying properties in neighborhoods with as many positive factors in place as possible. That is the best way to ensure profitability. It is…

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How Long Until I Can Quit My Job and Become a Full Time Real Estate Investor?

By Andrea Felice | July 16, 2018

For most real estate investors, quitting the daily grind and becoming a full time real estate mogul is the ultimate goal. Working for yourself, the potential for a substantial income, and being able to work as much or as little as you want are some appealing benefits of the world of real estate investing. However,…

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