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DIG Board of Directors

President- Jon Owens

I have been investing in Real Estate since 2003 when I accidentally bought my first investment property. When it sold for more than my annual salary at my job with the family business, I was hooked. I joined DIG in 2006 by taking the DIG University 101 courses. Immediately thereafter I started volunteering and networking to learn everything about the investing lifestyle. Over the years I have taken part in almost all aspects of investing such as new construction, contracting, rehabbing, flipping, landlording, multi-unit conversion, sales, and property inspections. Currently, I am working full time in real estate through sales as a realtor, landlord, and property inspector. The flexibility of not having a real job in my life has given me the time to take care of my family and grow a future that will take care of them for years to come. I am looking forward to being the President of DIG and sharing my knowledge with you -Jon






The rest of the Board of Directors and Staff are as follows:

Vice President- Frank Nestore

Secretary- Marc Sherby

Treasurer- Raymond Lemire

Board Member- Mike Mumma

Office administrator- Elaine Kochanski

Executive Director- Stephanie Pappas



Education - Don Beck

Speakers - Kathy Gilmore

Volunteers - Mike Mumma