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Getting Started

DIG offers several beginner courses for real estate professionals, including the following tracks:

Real Estate Basics for Beginning Investors

Learn about:

  • Advantages of owning real estate
  • Principles of compounding
  • Finding good investment properties
  • Types of deeds and ways to hold title
  • Cash on cash returns - What’s your ROI?
  • Negotiating techniques
  • Phone techniques to discover seller needs
  • Creative financing techniques
  • Structuring deals with little of your own money


Agreement of Sale to Settlement 

Learn about:

  • Real vs personal property
  • Restrictive covenant
  • Environmental hazards
  • Estimate of buyer closing costs
  • Seller disclosure act
  • Assignment of leases
  • Transfer of security deposits
  • Title & title insurance
  • Which documents get recorded
  • Agreement of sale
  • Settlement sheet
Financing Your Deals: Mortgage Money Made Easy

Learn about:

  • Alternate types of financing
  • Financing the first deal
  • Negotiating the best deal
  • Avoiding costly mistakes
  • 4 ways to get 100% rehab loans


Building a Successful Wholesaling Business

Learn about:

  • Negotiating tips that significantly increase the odds of getting the deal
  • Increase your odds of getting the deal
  • Building a large buyers list in less than a day
  • Avoiding the 3 cardinal sins newbie wholesalers make
  • Tips to get a spot on the wholesaler’s short list
Building a Mutually Profitable Relationship with Realtors

Learn about:

  • Selling flips for top dollar
  • 5 tips that guarantee first shot at pocket listings
  • 6 myths that realtors don’t want you to know
  • How to train Realtors to find properties you want to buy
  • 7 profit-killing mistakes newbie investors make
  • Why good Realtors are valuable to your business