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DIG is a volunteer-run organization. We need members’ help to welcome and greet our guests at meetings, assist with check-in and more.

See where your skills and availability might fit in with the following volunteer opportunities:

Greeter/Guest Table

  • Greet members and direct them to the registration table.
  • Greet guests and provide them with a guest sign-in form.
  • Verify guest photo ID name against a list of guest names.
  • Provide guests with name tag, newsletter, and DIG membership registration.


  • Instruct members to wear their name badge.
  • Assist with membership renewal for those with expired memberships.

New Member/Guest Round Group

  • Welcome new members/guests.
  • Explain the meeting schedule, meeting topics and meeting room layout.
  • Request that name badges be worn at all times, discuss benefits,, and answer questions.


  • Direct members to member check-in.
  • Direct guests to the Guest Round Group.
  • Direct guests choosing to pay for the meeting to office manager.


  • Stand at the main meeting room entrance to ensure that everyone is wearing a name badge.
  • Keep the main meeting room entrance from bottlenecking and politely request others to keep volume down in the vendor room while meeting is in progress.
  • Guide members and guests to empty seats, distribute handouts, and provide microphone for audience questions.

Audio/Visual Services

  • Audio, video setup/configuration/management.
  • Photography and videography for special events, meeting, Trade Show Expo.

Interested in lending a hand? If you have been a DIG member for a year or have familiarity with the organization structure and background we would love your help! Email our volunteer coordinator at